New Brunswick’s staff shortage issues are growing to a crisis level, and local businesses are struggling more than ever! Albert County is certainly feeling the hit, with everyone working extremely hard to maintain their operation and service levels.

After having suffered with ongoing restrictions, various levels of operations, safety, limited client interactions and especially lost sales and business – we are now having to work harder than ever to reach our expected levels of business operations. Business owners are having to pass up new business desperately needed because they don’t have the required team in place to properly deliver their products and services, or can’t even get the business booking request because they are stuck washing dishes or cleaning rooms. We need help.

Keri Alberts from the Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick (TIANB) is very happy to assist our Albert County businesses not only in job posting and recruiting, but each step of the way with time-consuming tasks such as screening applications and resumes, preparing for interviews, etc.

Labour shortage continues to be a major issue for our industry and TIANB is taking a proactive approach to helping tourism operators during this busy season by offering to upload and promote their job postings on our |

Send your job posting in word format to [email protected] or contact her by calling 506-233-4640. This is part of the objectives as we continue to implement the NB Tourism Workforce Shortage Plan. The link below contains information on what we need to post your positions for you.

Reach out to Keri right away to see how she can further assist you with your specific business labour and HR needs. If she can take one or two tasks off of your to-do list, or better yet get staff hired and additional feet running for you – these are extra steps taken to operate and grow your business successfully

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