Annual Albert County Food Drive ACCC

Attention Albert County! The Challenge is on!

Starting January 22nd until February 12th, 2023, the Albert County Chamber of Commerce will be partnering with local food banks to hold the first annual Winter Food Drive!

As you know, this time of the year food banks usually see a sharp decrease in donations following the holiday season while seeing an increase in service usage. So come on Albert County, let’s rally behind our food banks and take care of those in need this winter season!

We encourage all our members to set up donation boxes in their place of business where patrons, staff, and/or community members can donate nonperishable goods, hygiene products, and/or baby products.

In keeping with the Winterfest event in Riverview, we invite you & your staff to get competitive and join in the fun!

Decorate your donation box in a winter theme and we will let the community vote over the course of the promotion on the best box. The winner will be announced on the last day- February 12th after we come around and pick up the donations.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. To Participate you must be a Member Albert County Chamber of Commerce in good standing
  2. Donation box must be a minimum size of 2×2 box
  3. Register by sending us an email including a photo of your decorated box to [email protected]
    1. Your submission will be uploaded to the community poll. Any additional or replacement photos will also be uploaded to the poll upon request.
    2. The poll will be held on google forms where voters will be able to vote on their choice based on images provided by participants.
  4. We will post your picture to our social, tag you and add you to the ballot
  5. Upload a picture of your box to your social, tag us!

Note: Boxes with vulgarity, obscenity, etc. will be excluded from the contest.

Have fun, be creative and get your game face on!

Winner of Best Design

The winner will be decided via a community vote on the Albert County Chamber of Commerce platforms. Secret votes will be collected during the promotion and community members can vote as many times as they wish.


  • Official Bragging Rights!
  • Recognition and Award at AGM Gala in May
  • One year Paid Membership*

We encourage members to direct those looking to make monetary donations to make an electronic donation by either the food bank’s website, or through cheque by contacting the specific food bank and making donation arrangements.

Albert County Food Bank:

The Shepody Food Bank:


Rules and Regulations

*There will be no monetary equivalent or substitution.

The Albert County Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to end/discontinue this contest at any time for any reason. The Albert County Chamber of Commerce also reserves the right to award the prize to the highest runner up if it is determined that the winning contestant does not meet the above criteria or violated these contest rules in any way.