The CBDC 3D Holiday Shopping Village, capitalizes on two important business trends: online shopping and expanding markets. Whether retailers sell outside of their county, province, region, or country, expanding your market is critical for business growth. The CBDC 3D Holiday Shopping Village will be the perfect platform to use to make these sales.

Interested CBDC retail clients are invited to submit their business and a selection of up to 10 items, to be considered for inclusion in the CBDC 3D Shopping Village. Interested clients are welcome to respond to this email, providing links to your business and product pages for consideration.
The Atlantic Communications Committee will curate a selection of Atlantic Canadian businesses to offer their products through the CBDC 3D Holiday Shopping Village, which will run from 12 November until 31 December 2021.

For more information, email Jocelyn Brown, Program Coordinator, on [email protected].