Letter from our President

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Dear Friends,

The commitment, the hard work and sacrifices that people make to grow and sustain their businesses is respected. Albert County – my home for nearly 30 years – has a unique charm and passion that is obvious the moment you arrive. Our businesses and our regions, each with their own charm and personality come together to support and strengthen one another and ensure the viability of our communities.

The Board of Directors is excited to represent and strengthen our region over the next two years of growth and development. Our local businesses, producers and attractions have been working tirelessly throughout these various trials and phases of recovery. We will continue to provide opportunities and support, while identifying and working on our unique regional needs.

I’m honoured to have been entrusted with this leadership role and will continue to build on our strengths, while identifying and developing action plans to address our weaknesses. Already, our passionate Board Members have been working on strategic planning and identifying areas where we could do better, where we need support or opportunities we have yet to tap into. Crucial committees have been carried forward or have been developed to actively put recommendations into effect. We are excited to continue to raise our connecting communities with a unified voice.

Je suis honorée qu’on m’ait confié ce rôle de leadership et je continuerai à travailler sur nos points forts tout en identifiant et en élaborant des plans d’action pour remédier à nos faiblesses. Déjà, nos membres passionnés du Conseil d’administration ont participé à une planification stratégique et à l’identification des domaines auxquels de l’amélioration s’avère ou nécessitent du soutien, sans toutefois oublier des opportunités que nous n’avons pas encore exploitées. Des comités cruciaux ont été mis en place ou ont été créés afin de mettre activement en œuvre les recommandations. Nous sommes ravis de continuer à sensibiliser nos communautés de liaison avec une voix unifiée.

Together, we will rise to the occasion and celebrate our recovery.

Merci / Thank you

Annick R. Butland President

ACCC – promoting economic and commercial prosperity in Albert County.

For more information about the ACCC and how to join, please visit our website at https://www.albertcountychamber.com/