Nomination Requirements

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ACCC Business Excellence Awards Nomination Requirements 

  1. Name & Contact Details of the Nominator
  2. Relation of the Nominator to Nominee
  3. Name of Business being nominated and for what award they are being nominated for. One application cannot nominate a business for multiple awards. A separate application must be submitted for each business being nominated even if they are being nominated by the same
  4. All relevant contact information for the business being This must be provided in the application package.
  5. All required supporting documentation:
    1. A Letter of Nomination outlining why the nominee believes the business should be the successful recipient of the
    2. A minimum of one to a maximum of seven additional supporting documents which may include but are not limited to:
      1. Letters of support from colleagues, community members, employees, customers, or clients
      2. Impact statements (written, audio, or video)
  • Reviews (written, audio, or video)
  1. Lists of previously received awards, special designations, achievements
  2. Documentation provided by the nominee, which may include examples of how they meet the award criteria, business handbooks, photos, or

*Please note that the same supporting documentation cannot be used for the same business across multiple award nominations. Each application must be unique and specified for the award in which the business is being nominated.

**All nominations are judged solely on the nomination package submitted by the qualified nominees. Any known community history, special relationships, or previous achievements not included in the nomination package will not be considered.


All business nominees are required to meet the following criteria:

  • The business must have primary operations in Albert County, though it may not solely have operations in the Some examples include, but are not limited to, web based businesses, varying production locations, chains or franchisees, or retail stores in multiple locations.
  • The business cannot be nominated for a program or service offering it provides, but as a business as a whole. Some programs, services, or products, however, may be highlighted in the nomination package as a feature that in particular serves the Albert County Community or highlights the connection of said business to our
  • The business should be a registered and/or legal entity as is best practice within their



ACCC Nomination & Selection Process

Our Commitment and Process to Ensure Fair, Equitable, and Transparent Results


  1. Each nomination packaged will be screened within 5 business days of the nomination occurring to ensure packages are complete and the nominee qualifies for the intended
  2. If there is something missing, a conflict, or if the nominee’s qualification is questioned, the Chamber will respond to the nominee within those 5 business days for clarification or to request additional
  3. The nominee will be then given an additional 5 business days to provide all necessary information or additional
  4. A Review Panel will consist of no less than 3 and no more than 7 individuals representing the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Community, and Consumers/General They will be given a complete Nomination Package for each Nominee by the Chamber.
  5. Those on the Review Panel will not have nominated any businesses for awards and if there is any appearance of conflict of interest, the individual on the Panel will recuse themselves from offering their ratings or voting. An appearance of a conflict of interest includes but is not limited to:
    • The Review Panel Member’s business being the
    • The Nominee being a close family member, friend, or regular business partner of the Panel
    • The Panel Member having any form of financial or social relationship with the Nominee in wherein they could be provided financial gain by such
  6. Each nomination package will be reviewed and rated following specific criteria outlined in the Award
  7. All nominations are judged solely on the nomination package submitted by the qualified Any known community history, special relationships, or previous achievements not included in the nomination package will not be considered.
  8. New nominations will not be accepted before or after the open and close date, however, should additional document or clarification be needed , this may occur after nominations are closed (within the parameters as outlined in the process above).
  9. The Review Panel will not discuss any process, procedure, or result of their task and deliberation with anyone before award winners are publicly announced. This includes Directors or Members of the Albert County Chamber of Commerce, with the exception of the Albert County Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award Organizing Committee and the Master of Ceremonies of the event in cases where said MC is not sitting on the Organizing Committee. The organizing committee and MC are held to the same level of confidentiality.