Social Media Policy

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ACCC Facebook Page and LinkedIn

We encourage our members to participate in the conversation, interacting with your fellow members and getting involved in opportunities as they arise.

Please feel free to post:

  • Any relevant events, meetings or initiatives, both free and not
  • Community News (e.g. Parking restrictions, road closures, construction, etc.)
  • Local newspaper articles that are relevant to the Chamber or its members
  • Any non-profit organization meeting that is open to the public
  • Events put on by other Chambers, both free and not free (we believe in collaboration!)
  • Posts about new businesses opening locally, whether they are a member or not

Please do not post:

  • Post about sales or specials for any business, even if they are a member
  • Posts about individual business events that require payment (unless it is by donation)

The pages are monitored and posts must be approved by the administrator. If a post is deemed inappropriate, it will be removed. If you are unsure whether you should share something, please feel free to forward it to us, either through Facebook Messenger in the case of a share or to¬†[email protected]

Thank you and enjoy being a part of the ACCC community!