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Greetings on behalf of the Albert County Chamber of Commerce,

This is a special year for the Albert County Chamber of Commerce. We are celebrating our 5th annual Business Excellence Awards as well as a return to an in-person gala format on May 14, 2022, at Broadleaf Guest Ranch, and we are exceptionally excited!

In years past we have celebrated the history of our community and honoured the many things that have traditionally made our region exceptional. This continues, however, now more than ever we believe it is time to recognize and celebrate where we are now and look towards the future. This year’s theme, The Albert County Transformation, celebrates how we as a County are moving into a period of revitalization and rejuvenation. We are stepping forward out of the past couple years of changes and trials, a group of people undefeated by the challenges we have faced. In fact, through the ingenuity, flexibility, and acumen of so many, we emerge stronger, more determined, and more ready than ever to thrive and prosper, looking ahead towards the amazing opportunities change and challenge have brought us.

It’s always a pleasure to formally recognize and celebrate the distinguished business and community leaders within Albert County. Our primary means of facilitating this event is through sponsorship. With your participation we can make this years’ experience the most memorable success yet.

This is a great opportunity for your company, business, or organization to support our community and at the same time receive valuable exposure. We have added more social media and fun engaging podcasts to communicate with our region, as well as a full media marketing package available to you. The sponsorship opportunities are shared in the accompanying document, and please be assured, all contributions are welcome and very much appreciated.

Our deadline for sponsorship is on April 10th. One of our directors will be following up with you, and should you have any questions, feel free to contact me. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


Annick R Butland

President, Albert County Chamber of Commerce


About ACCC

Albert County Chamber of Commerce is all about promoting economic and commercial prosperity in Albert County. Since 1998, this organization has steadily worked towards these goals and, like our County, has relied on the strength of its roots to transform into a strong and stable organization that is positioning itself for future growth and advancement. Our services and Board of Directors bring a uniquely regional, multi-focus, and interdisciplinary approach to both represent and serve the businesses and organizations in our greater community and provincially.

About the 2022 Business Excellence Awards

The 5th   annual ACCC Business Excellence Awards will celebrate the fantastic businesses in Albert County on Saturday, May 14th ,from 6:00-8:30 p.m at Broadleaf. This event is a gift the Chamber of Commerce wants to give to the economic drivers of our county, our businesses. Its goal is to show them we honour their work and contributions. The best gifts are unique, thoughtful, intentional, savoured, and wrapped beautifully, and this event will check all those boxes.

In addition to handing out our signature awards provided by Glass Roots, we will be offering a beautiful four-course meal that highlights the culinary masters from one end of the county to the other. A variety of local music, door prizes, and a special presentation by Kevin Snair will be additional features of the event, as well as a live auction featuring the products, works, and services of Albert County Businesses.

Awards will be featured in the following categories:

  • Business of the Year
  • Non-profit of the Year
  • Emerging Business of the Year
  • Tourism Excellence Award
  • Albert County Artistic Excellence
  • Community Care & Service
  • People’s Choice

How To Get Involved

Our Awards are primarily funded through sponsorship and provide an excellent opportunity for your business to engage with the community and receive valuable exposure. We will be marketing the event, and our sponsors, through social media campaigns, our Chamber podcast, broadcasting on the local Rogers network, and in our weekly newsletter.

The ACCC Awards are a perfect opportunity to promote your services to businesses across the county and province. Our primary desire is for this event to be a resounding success for everyone involved, and that includes maximizing the return on investment for you and your business.

Your Business Benefits

  • Increases your reach across the business
  • Potential to make high-value partnerships for a relatively low
  • Opens up networking
  • Builds trust in the business community and
  • Promotes the community spirit of your

Sponsorship Levels










Name/Logo on Website
Name/Logo on Program
Name/Logo on Social Media Platforms
Name/Logo on Rogers Broadcast
Business Included in Promo Display at event
Business welcome to set up a promo banner
Two Complimentary Tickets
Business featured on Chamber Chats Podcast
Four Complimentary Tickets


Special Offer to Past Winners!

Sponsorship of $200 includes sponsorship of the award you won, your business name/logo in the program, your business information included in the promotional display at the event. Don’t miss this opportunity, as it is a first come first serve basis.

Reserve Your Tickets Now!

There is a limited seating capacity, so make sure to reserve your tickets as soon as possible. This year we are featuring a four course meal and complimentary beverage representing culinary service providers from one side of our County to the other, as well as music, a special keynote speaker, and silent auction, all in addition to the presentation of awards to the incredible business owners in Albert County. Stay tuned for details as we announce more about all of these special features.

Tickets cost $48 each or a table of 8 for $375.

This is going to be a night to remember, so email or call us as soon as possible to reserve yours, and celebrate The Albert County Transformation!