Albert County Chamber of Commerce

Albert County Chamber of Commerce

Promoting economic and commercial prosperity in Albert County.

Someone once told me that Route 114 is paved with gold and sprinkled with diamonds.  If you knew the history of Albert County, you would know this used to be true. Boasting the growth of the 11th Prime Minster of Canada R.B. Bennett, rising with its tides one of the 1st female Sea Captains, Molly Cool who went on to be the 1st female Master Mariner in Canada. The 10th Lieutenant Governor of NB, Abner Reid McClelan and to name a few more, the famous Architect Brothers born and raised in Harvey, James, Merritt & Watson Reid.

Albert County thrives through the summer season with our major stops like The Hopewell Rocks, Fundy National Park & The Albert County Museum. If you coming to visit though, take time to enjoy each season, the running waters in the spring, the snow-covered snowshoe trails in the winter, and the amazing changing colors in the fall. You should also get to know the wonderful people who work hard all year to keep this road paved with gold and sprinkled with diamonds. The people of Albert County still know the meaning of a hard day’s work and the joys of relaxing with family and friends.

Behind each storefront you’ll find a hidden gem, the heart of someone wanting their County to be known as what we know it to be, a diamond in the rough. You just have to follow the road paved with gold and sprinkled with diamonds to believe it too.


ACCC Mission Statement

The mission of the Albert County Chamber of Commerce is to promote economic and commercial prosperity in Albert County.


The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton has a great resource that includes guidance for reopening & recovery.

As New Brunswick continues to navigate our recovery phases, we encourage all businesses and organizations to re-visit these documents. For those who have remained open, be sure that you are complying with all requirements – starting with updating your COVID-19 Operational Plan.

We strongly advise all members to re-read the Re-opening & Recovery Guide for New Brunswick:

Recovery Reopening NB

Albert County Chamber of Commerce Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises business leaders from multiple specialists from throughout Albert County. As the governing body for the Albert County Chamber of Commerce, they act in the best interests of the Albert County Chamber of Commerce, its stakeholders, and its corporate and affinity partners. The board is responsible for managing and supervising the activities and affairs of Albert County Chamber of Commerce to ensure it is delivering on its organizational goals and objectives.

The Board of Directors is composed of seven directors. The board members are dedicated to good governance and continuous improvement for Albert County. Governance courses are available for all board members through the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce.

If you are interested in sitting on the board, please contact us at [email protected].

Michelle Alcorn

RnR Solution/Atlantic Canada Language Academy


Tosh Taylor

The Podcast Hub

Vice President

Lynn Colepaugh

CyberPR Army / Malkin Music


Jas Shukla


Jasfest Consulting & Fundy Undies


Lisa Brown

Farmer Brown’s

Paul Bass

Home Hardware

Annick Robichaud Butland

AB Connect


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